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How are eye injuries caused in the workplace? 

On Behalf of | Jun 12, 2022 | Workers' Compensation

Workplace injuries come in various forms. One type of injury that warrants further consideration is injuries to the eyes. 

Employees are at risk of eye injuries, particularly if they work in manual fields such as construction, woodwork and factory operations. What are some of the more common eye injuries and how might they be prevented? 

Injuries from airborne material 

When power tools or heavy machinery are utilized for tasks, it’s likely that materials will be launched into the air. Such materials may consist of small fragments of metal, dust and even chemicals.

If these materials make direct contact with the eyes, the results can be devastating. In minor cases, employees may still need a considerable period of time off to recover. In the most severe instances, damage sustained to vision may be permanent. It’s crucial that employers take steps to prepare workers before they carry out tasks that could potentially damage the eyes. Adequate personal protective equipment (PPE), such as safety glasses, should always be readily available.

Burns from radiation 

Factory machinery commonly utilizes laser technology to ensure the highest levels of accuracy. While this is effective, it can also be dangerous. Ultraviolet light can cause severe burns to the visual components of a person if it comes into direct contact with the eyes. Welders are also frequently exposed to this type of light. Again, the appropriate PPE can go a long way to preventing such injuries.  

If your eyes have been damaged at work, then you may be entitled to legal compensation. This will relieve some of the financial strain that has been placed on you while you are no longer able to work. Make sure you reach out to a knowledgeable party so you can assess all of your options in more detail.