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Construction workers risk serious back injuries

On Behalf of | Jan 3, 2023 | Workers' Compensation

Manual laborers, including construction workers, must have a full range of motion to be able to do most jobs effectively. Many injuries are possible for these workers, but back injuries are one of the most common.

In construction work, lower back injuries usually occur to the L1 to L5 vertebrae in the lower back. These are the largest and strongest in the spine but aren’t indestructible. Factors such as improper lifting can cause these injuries.

Safety must remain a priority

Safety at the construction site must remain a priority. Workers need to have the tools and equipment necessary to do jobs the proper way. Counting on manual laborers to move heavy objects is sometimes necessary; however, construction companies should provide equipment and machinery to do as much of this work as possible.

Some workers suffer lower back injuries because of having to push or pull heavy objects. Moving things in this manner isn’t a suitable alternative to picking them up. When workers do have to handle heavy or bulky items, they should be required to use team lifting techniques. Wearing back braces for those lifts is also a good idea.

Another cause of lower back injuries in this industry is slip and fall accidents. Work zones should be as clutter-free as possible with potential hazards clearly labeled. Cords that are laid across the active work area should be secured when possible.

Construction workers and other manual laborers who suffer back injuries at work will likely have a sudden halt to their income. This makes it hard to pay bills and take care of necessary expenses. Workers’ compensation coverage takes care of the medical bills, and workers who can’t return to work right away may be able to receive partial wage replacement.