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These 4 risks cause 95% of hospital worker injuries

On Behalf of | Nov 17, 2022 | Workers' Compensation

Working in a hospital is a high-stress and high-demand profession. Whether you are a physician’s assistant or a nurse, you probably work long shifts and constantly worry about the well-being of your patients. 

You may not put enough focus on your own health and safety on the job. There are countless ways in which a professional could get hurt in a hospital, but four kinds of injuries are responsible for 95% of all lost-time incidents in modern hospitals. 

Overexertion and bodily reaction

Trying to lift a heavy patient or otherwise do more than your body is capable of is the leading cause of hospital injuries. Overexertion and bodily reactions cause 48% of lost-time injuries

Slips, trips and falls

When people rush around, they have a higher risk of losing their balance or traction and falling than those who can do their jobs at a more leisurely pace. Falling is responsible for another 25% of hospital worker injuries. 

Contact with objects

There are many dangerous items used to provide medical care, from external defibrillation devices that can electrocute someone to scalpels that can cut someone. Accidental contact with objects causes another 13% of worker injuries and hospitals. 


Many people who require medical care are in a state of emotional distress or chemical impairment. Patients ranging from elderly adults with dementia to those in police custody might become violent against hospital workers, which is why violence is the cause of 9% of worker injuries. 

Hospital workers who are aware of their biggest safety risks on the job may have an easier time protecting themselves. Filing a workers’ compensation claim is an option for workers regardless of what caused their injury on the job.